2 Updated guidance recognised the value of process evaluation


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fake ray ban sunglasses However, effect sizes do not provide policy makers with information on how an intervention might be replicated in their specific context, or whether trial outcomes will be reproduced. Earlier MRC guidance for evaluating complex interventions focused on randomised trials, making no mention of process evaluation.2 Updated guidance recognised the value of process evaluation within trials, stating that it «can be used to assess fidelity and quality of implementation, clarify causal mechanisms and identify contextual factors associated with variation in outcomes.»3 However, it did not provide guidance for carrying out process evaluation.MRC guidance for developing and evaluating complex interventions recognised the importance of process evaluation within trials but did not provide guidance for its conductThis article presents a framework for process evaluation, building on the three themes for process evaluation described in 2008 MRC guidance (implementation, mechanisms, and context)It argues for a systematic approach to designing and conducting process evaluations, drawing on clear descriptions of intervention theory and identification of key process questionsWhile each process evaluation will be different, the guidance facilitates planning and conducting a process evaluationDeveloping guidance for process evaluationIn 2010, a workshop funded by the MRC Population Health Science Research Network discussed the need for guidance on process evaluation.4 There was consensus that researchers, funders, and reviewers would benefit from guidance. A group of researchers with experience and expertise in evaluating complex interventions was assembled to produce the guidance fake ray ban sunglasses.

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