a health care robot that could display the patient’s temperature


Imagine a health care robot that could display the patient’s temperature and pulse, and even reacts to a patient’s mood. It sounds futuristic, but a team of Cornell graduate students led by Rob Shepherd, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering has developed an electroluminescent “skin” that stretches to more than six times its original size while still emitting light. The discovery could lead to significant advances in health care, transportation, electronic communication and other areas.

Mini Led Display Shortly Mini Led Display after his arrival, Watkins began a tour to sell venture capitalists on his vision. The VCs were skeptical at first. “People understand when you’re asking to buy a piece of equipment with their money, but when you’re saying, ‘I’m buying a bunch of engineers and putting them in a big room to develop world changing stuff,’ they get really, really nervous,” he says of those investor meetings. Mini Led Display

outdoor led display This, in turn, has allowed Land Rover to plumb in additional safety kit, plusher materials and greater soundproofing as well as https://www.leddisplaysfactory.com introducing Jaguar Land Rover’s Ingenium 2.0 litre four cylinder diesel to the line up.Image 6 of 65The four pot Discovery will be the cleanest model in the line up at launch although it seems inconceivable that the car won’t benefit from some of JLR’s extensive work on plug in hybrid technology during its lifetime. Badged SD4 and paired with a ZF eight speed automatic gearbox, the 2.0 litre model will have 237bhp and 500Nm of torque enough for a 0 60mph time of 8.0 seconds but return 43.5mpg and 171g/km of CO2 emissions.That’s considerably cleaner than any previous Discovery, but some way north of the likes of Audi’s V6 TDI Q7 and D5 versions of the Volvo XC90.The other two engines in the UK market will be a pair of 3.0 litre V6s a diesel called TD6, with 255bhp/600Nm, and a supercharged Si6 petrol with 335bhp and 450Nm. The more potent diesel beats its smaller brother to 60mph (7.7 seconds) and gets close on efficiency, with fuel consumption of 39.2mpg and 189g/km of CO2 emissions.Image 17 of 65The petrol, meanwhile, is likely to be a tiny seller in the UK; it’s the fastest model in the range, with a 0 60mph time of 6.9 seconds, but its combined fuel economy of 26.0mpg and 256g/km of CO2 emissions will make it an expensive option.Land Rover Discovery off road techThe Discovery has a strong reputation for off roading ability and Land Rover claims the new edition is even more capable in poor conditions. outdoor led display

led display The football season starts Thursday at Rentschler Field as UConn kicks off against Towson. At that and other big events, Global Spectrum can have as many as 200 people on hand including concessions, ticketing, security, set up and management. Wednesday, Global Spectrum unveiled its new LED video display system at Rentschler, which will bring live video and instant replay. led display

4k led display Hadn been playing a full 45 minutes, said Stags Coach Dan Lucas. We starting to believe. We starting to play with a purpose. Pro wrestling was the ultimate mix of all of that, my whole culture. It’s something I loved. Junior high school, his love had blossomed to a healthy obsession.. 4k led display

indoor led display To operate it you need to press a small silver button with your foot (hence the name stomp box) which switches the tuner between its tuning mode and bypass. Even after a year of gigging, the box operates with no problems. The tuning is still accurate, the box is unit is still in good condition and it hasn’t required any kind of repair work. indoor led display

led billboard Jane Fortune is founder and chair of the Advancing Women Artists Foundation and creator of the Jane Fortune Research Program on Women Artists in the Age of the Medici at the Medici Archive Project. Her books include When the World Answered: Florence, Women Artists and the 1966 Flood; To Florence, Con Amore: 90 Ways to Love the City; Art by Women in Florence and Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence. She is known as “Indiana Jane” because of her efforts to identify and restore art by women artists in Florentine museums and deposits led billboard.

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