All in all, it a far cry from the days of Jobs, who shrank the


One older European tradition sees a figure of a man carrying a wide burden on his back.[citation needed] He is sometimes seen as accompanied by a small dog. Various cultures recognise other examples of lunar pareidolia, such as the Moon rabbit.In the Northern Hemisphere, a common Western perception of the face has it that the figure’s eyes are Mare Imbrium and Mare Serenitatis, its nose is Sinus Aestuum, and its open mouth is Mare Nubium and Mare Cognitum.[citation needed] This particular human face can also be seen in tropical regions on both sides of the equator. However, the moon orientation associated with the face is observed less frequently and eventually not at all as one moves towards the South Pole.Conventionalized illustrations of the Man in the Moon seen in Western art often show a very simple face in the full moon, or a human profile in the crescent moon, corresponding to no actual markings.”The Man in the Moon” can also refer to a mythological character said to live on or in the moon, but who is not necessarily represented by the markings on the face of the moon.A longstanding European tradition holds that the man was banished to the moon for some crime.

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