Alsace and Lorraine went back to France (‘Again’


The collapse of the German and Habsburg empires after the war led to the creation of many ‘new’ states and the re drawing of borders all over central southern Europe. The Habsburgs’ dual monarchy of Austria Hungary was divided into German Austria, Magyar Hungary, and Czechoslovakia (a union of the Czech and Slovak peoples, with large minorities of Germans and Hungarians). Substantial chunks also went to Yugoslavia (a pan Slavic union led by/under Serbia, which had been independent prior to the war) and Poland (most of which was taken from Germany and Russia). Italy and Romania received Austrian Trent and Hungarian Transylvania, respectively. Germany itself became a democracy (with numerous inner conflicts due to the spread of communism throughout Europe after the Russian Revolution and military coups) and lost some land to Denmark and a large chunk to Poland. Alsace and Lorraine went back to France (‘Again’, after a fashion. Nominally ‘German’ and ‘French’ people had been fighting over this region since before the modern nation( state)s of Germany or France existed). Germany also lost all her overseas colonies, which had been economically useless but nonetheless a great source of national pride before the war.

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