Are people abusing the system yes but is it better to punish


Often said by a despairing Commander Contrarian. Compare to the similar Permission to Speak Freely. See also Rebellious Rebel, where this may occur in the lead up to the rebellion.. Are people abusing the system yes but is it better to punish hardworking people that fall on hard times or suffer car wreck or cancer something making them unable to work? Should kids starve to death because there parents are worthless. Nothing bothers me more than the percent of the population that just decides to live off the government but some good people need it. If I were gonna make cuts one I would get High Quality replica Bags rid of all government contracts prisons, IRS, Military contractors so on companys don do this for free there is a profit in it and that is just more the taxpayer pays for the same job the prisoners should be doing highway work and picking up trash and non violent crimes like bad checks or dui can work for free for the government to pay back society for there crime.

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