Born in Brooklyn in 1911, Ruth became the youngest PhD in the


So people become ‘economic units.’ Get a fecking grip: these are people’s lives you’re playing with here in search of more profit and income for your shareholders. Hey ho, who really cares: that’s just another 50 families that may be thrust onto the food banks. If you were an active trade unionist, or campaigned for legally binding health and safety rights, you would not be employed.

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He also states Station 3 covers Fair Oaks, Vermilion Gardens, Green Meadows and Holiday Hills as major residential blocks. Additionally Station 3 is first to respond to Viscofan, Quaker and GenPact among others; all of which are large employers with significant life safety issues. Station 3’s closure puts every individual within the area at greater risk than they are today for the same tax dollar..

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Las imágenes y descripción son a modo ilustrativo e informativo.

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