DOBER: The way it works, it’s just the old technology


But he said Perry could fight his charges either way.”There’s something fundamentally offensive when the government spends an inordinate amount of money and resources on essentially picking on the poor,” Boushy said. “Surely there’s got to be something else we can do as a society to help people like Dwight get back on their feet.”The challenge has the support of former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant, now a criminal defence lawyer, who he says he’s seen damage wrought by the law.”The indignity of it all is apparent when you see people who are just trying to survive and getting ticketed for it,” he said.Back in November, Perry was one of the downtown “regulars” brought in to testify in the trial of four Hamilton police officers charged and acquitted with faking tickets.Perry says he’s worked a number of different jobs in his 60 years, from a weapon tech reservist in the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry to a cab driver. He says he drove cabs for a while, worked at a factory as a press operator and was let go about 10 years ago.He put his hat on the pavement one day after work while waiting for his brother, and says some people threw money in it.

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