Happy Birthday to You!: According to this wiki


First Wave has two. Both involve the Bad Future. One has a member of post Alien Invasion La Rsistance use a time machine to save Cade’s life. Genre Savvy: Branch is a cynical guy, but he knows what not to do in regards to keeping out of danger. Poppy also told the other Trolls where Branch’s hideout was because she knew he’d come to help her as he would not be able to stand more than three hug time sessions, and so the remaining Trolls would remain safe while she retrieved her friends. Getting Crap Past the Radar: When the young Gristle is about to eat his first Troll http://veggiepass.info/con-call-with-investors-namely-ms-wellington-asset-management/, his father says “don’t worry, son. Character Exaggeration: Nearly every character who appears is a heavily exaggerated parody of themselves. Doug Goldstein said a favorite technique of his was to take a personality trait and twist it just slightly, making it ludicrous while still true to the character. As an example, he cited the Borg; the first time they knock on Spidey’s door, he slams it in their faces, but when he tries to do so a second time, the Borg “adapt to his defensive capabilities” by sticking a foot in the door.

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