Here is the downside to Android phones in general


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canada goose black friday sale Watson book is both an entertaining and disturbing review of how perfectly good words can be stripped of real meaning and rendered into Web Site what Watson calls “empty husks”.’Weasel word’ is an informal term for words and phrases aimed at creating an impression that a meaningful statement has been made when instead only a vague or ambiguous claim has been communicated.Why? Because this can enable the speaker to later deny the specific meaning if the statement is challenged.Weasel words are now used in the world of politics as a matter of canada goose outlet paypal routine.The impact of weasel words can be reinforced if the speaker uses technical language as well, so creating an impression of mastery over a difficult subject area.The canada goose outlet new york use of technical language relating to economics is especially important given that governments usually claim, quite erroneously, that they somehow manage the economy.The recent speech by Papua New Guinea prime minister Peter O to the PNG Business Council was a masterpiece of the weasel words art form.In the speech, many fine words were spoken in the correct order, spiced with the required technical terms, thus creating an aura of competence, understanding and insight that is, in reality, a mirage.Any competent and honest economist will tell you that, at best, governments can only influence economic outcomes to some degree and certainly not manage them in the literal sense of that word.History shows that, with few exceptions, the ability of governments to do harm to the economy is much greater than their ability to do any good.Partly, this is because politicians have a strong tendency to not make policy based upon an accurate appreciation of the real world.Instead, they tend to make decisions or statements that will resonate well with those whose support they need to be re elected.Also, it must be apparent to any reasonably intelligent observer that no one really understands what “the economy” actually is, let alone how it works.Of course, theories abound about how the economy could or should work, many of which are often hotly contested by economists.But, so far at least, there is no widely understood and agreed grand unifying theory of economics that provides the required knowledge to truly manage the economy.So Mr O speech is a master piece of weasel words about a subject which is, at best, inadequately understood, especially by politicians.This would be amusing were it not so serious.PNG has become part of a much bigger problem, which is the accumulation of unsustainable levels of debt by both state and private entities across the globe.This has been justified, in part at least, by the efforts to avoid economic calamity as a consequence of the global financial crisis of 2007.Unhappily, the world ‘economy’ has become, in effect, hostage to a gigantic experiment in which vast amounts of money have been created in an effort to prevent the world financial and banking system from imploding.Basically, canada goose premium outlet the gamblers in the great game that we call neo liberal capitalism have been encouraged to spend up big like there is no tomorrow and they have done exactly that, acquiring assets at ludicrously high prices that cannot be justified by underlying value. History shows that this is a recipe for disaster.Make no mistake, there is canada goose outlet parka literally no one who knows how the gigantic asset bubbles that have now been created can actually be safely deflated. We are collectively venturing into the unknown and PNG is coming along for the ride.In a way, it is possible to understand why Mr O in common with so canada goose outlet in usa many other political leaders, keeps on repeating the same tired weasel words about the state of the economy canada goose black friday sale.

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