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Why are parents shielded from honest daycare discussions

In the early 1990’s, Marcia Segelstein was a senior CBS morning news producer. While collaborating with the editor of Parents magazine, she suggested they work together on a piece about daycare. She shares the conversation in the recent issue of Salvo magazine:

“Before the word was barely out of moncler sale outlet my mouth, she stopped me by saying that Parents magazine chose not to cover daycare, ‘because parents suffer enough guilt already.'”

Whoa. Just because it might cause discomfort to read and discuss a topic doesn’t mean we should ignore it entirely. It makes me wonder what other subjects have been crossed off the acceptable list when it comes to gathering parenting information.

In 2003, two studies linking behavioral problems to the number of hours spent in daycare were published by the journal, Child Development. The New York Times reported:

“The editors of the journal delayed publication of the studies for several months while they circulated the manuscripts to more than 1,000 child development experts and invited them to write commentaries.”

Rather than immediately dispense the moncler outlet prices information to parents, they sought only to cushion the blow. Instead of allowing the public to consider uk moncler sale the conclusions like adults, the journal gathered experts and prepared for a mudslinging war. While everyone was worried about each others’ feelings, the main issue how can we best serve our youngest members cheap moncler jackets of society was all but forgotten.

While working on moncler outlet sale my own book, I was told by people in the publishing business that my behind the scenes look at daycare was too negative. It would make women feel guilty. Iam not a stranger to mother guilt andI have fallen short on many parenting topics including my attempts at breastfeeding. Not all women are https://www.monclerdownjacket.biz moncler womens jackets able to breastfeed exclusively for many months and some choose not to breastfeed. Does that mean we should stop talking about the benefits of breast milk to cheap moncler jackets mens avoid guilt? Definitely not. The clich knowledge is power holds true for parenting. Give parents the facts, and then we are all welcome to make independent decisions.

I wrote my book because I felt compelled to fling open the daycare doors for all parents and show anyone interested what I witnessed while working in various well respected centers. It is not an indictment of anyone’s choices. Segelstein writes:

“[Saubier’s] compelling account isn’t filled with horror stories. [It’s] a realistic look at what life is like for the millions of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who spend their waking hours in daycare. It’s not a pretty picture.”

I wish learning more about controversial parenting topics did not = Mommy War. I can hear the early calls to battle as I type. But I am laying down my sword moncler usa because I have no interest in moncler sale fighting; only learning more about all sorts of cheap moncler sale topics, no matter how controversial, no matter what feelings ensue.

What parenting topics do you feel are emotionally driven? Do you feel daycare/childcareissues moncler uk outlet get the attention they deserve?

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I had my kids in day care both beginning at 9 weeks. I can say that I would change that decision, cheap moncler jackets womens but it was really hard at the time.

It really angers me that people would treat the issue like this. Day care isn the only thing where we try to avoid hurting people feelings so we lie to them or misrepresent the truth to them. Why keep parents in the dark? Why treat parents like children. This is a disservice to them.

Your one line says it all: can we best serve our youngest members of society was discount moncler jackets all but uk moncler outlet forgotten think it is also important to get this information out there for your people that are planning their lives. They may choose a different path and have their kids younger so they can stay home and pursue a career later.

I agree we need to put those tough discussions on the table and try to look at them objectively. Breastfeeding, daycare, single parents, homeschooling, delayed vaccinations basically every decision a parent can make becomes fodder for the Mommy Wars.

As a parent of a child who started off in daycare part time and now goes full time, I would liked someone to paint a clearer picture of what that experience moncler outlet store was going to be like. For us, it ended up moncler outlet online being a thousand moncler outlet times better than what I had imagined in my moncler online store head (I did not grow up in daycare so I had no idea). Either way it nice to informed.

I think the concern would be that to bring up a subject w/o any sort of advice/help to the parent. If you bring something to light, but don offer a way to solve it, then yes, you just causing problems. If a parent is working X many hours a week, then reads about all the problems w/ daycare but then has to bring the child there the next morning b/c either there no time to investigate the issue or no way to change it, then what is the purpose of the story?

But I don know if parents don already know this. I did. I don know where I learned it from. But I kept my child w/ a nanny at home w/ a nanny cam while I worked 2 days a week so that I and my baby could have health ins. I had that option/ funds to do this.

But someone else I worked w/ didn and when she found out that they weren moncler outlet woodbury properly cleaning (or cleaning at all) her child milk bottles she was horrified and felt guilty and then had to look into other options.

I don think any article on the subject will be anything too shocking w/ parents. Parents know. Parents know it be better to stay w/ their infant than not, but some can And unless cheap moncler coats mens your article offers how to make this happen, then yes, it just a guilt fest.

While working on my book it was suggested that I be constructive and offer alternatives for parents. I have seen parents making all sorts of creative decisions regarding work and family. Once you know the facts, you can at least go about making decisions that work best for all involved. When your friend found out about the dirty bottles, she could at least work on fixing that problem. Sometimes guilt is motivating, sometimes guilt is not warranted and needs www.monclerdownjacket.biz to be told to go away! But never do I see it as a motivating factor for avoiding learning the truth.

I understand you don want to start a mommy war but can you honestly tell me that by choosing the title you did would make parents who do send their children to daycare warm and moncler sale online fuzzy? I get it you want to the childcare industry, to help fix whatever problems there are, but what you are doing is creating doubt and guilt in parents who send their children to daycares.

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