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Videos of my melee character beating some of the tougher bosses in the canada goose factory sale game

Fume Knight was the hardest for me. Cliche, but he was. I played as an ultra heavy tank build and he canada goose store just worked me. I was too slow to evade and even at Canada Goose Outlet a high level my big ass havels shield only lasted so long. After trying for a couple hours and realizing the friendly npcs, like most after the first third of the game, were utterly useless. I took a new approach. No npcs no heavy gear. and no canada goose outlet canada shield. I decked out some light armor Canada Goose online but because I was canada goose black friday sale low dex I still had to use my greatsword instead of a faster weapon. But still, being more mobile made all the difference. It still took canada goose coats a handful of tries but it wasn’t particularly difficult. just lengthy Canada Goose Coats On Sale and required canada goose clearance sale a lot canada goose outlet uk of focus. it’s much better when he breaks out into his second state. His attacks are more powerful, but they’re much more predictable and slower. A friend did tell me that if you wear velstadts helm then he will transform into his second state canada goose uk shop right away. I genuinely found this much easier. Anyways. what you said was just like me as well. Before dark souls I liked games that canada goose outlet reviews weren’t very difficult. because I’m into my 30s now and after a long day I just uk canada goose want to shut my mind off. But once I got into dark souls. Canada Goose Jackets it was the challenge itself that so powerfully grasped me. Sure, it buy canada goose jacket cheap was all of it. the official canada goose outlet intoxicating and beautiful mystery and art design. The hidden secrets of endless nature Canada Goose Online around every turn. The creatures. The combat. the truly original canada goose outlet parka mechanic of souls and buy canada goose jacket how canada goose outlet online uk uk canada goose outlet one progresses canada goose outlet jackets ones character in the game. canada goose clearance The ability canada goose uk outlet to approach the entire experience from many different directions along with the many possible and effective variations of character builds. The NG+. but add all this up with a level of challenge that is so intuitively crafted. Challenging but always reasonable. It’s not blind challenge. It’s intelligent and purposeful challenge. Some games just blast you with overwhelming enemies. some cheese you with clunky overpowered mechanics (cough lords of the fallen). some simply make all the enemies stronger and you weaker. but dark souls is the best implantation of canada goose outlet uk sale “challenging” I canada goose outlet store uk have ever canada goose outlet seen in a video game. It’s pretty damn impressive really. From software really did create an entirely unique and effective series of overarching game mechanics. I’m sad they’ve moved on from dark canada goose coats on sale souls. but if Bloodborne is any indication (and they have stated their next project will feature the same basic principles/mechanics). whatever they make canada goose outlet black friday is going to be badass. I seriously wish more Canada Goose Parka western game companies adopted this model that dark canada goose outlet new york city souls and metal gear and other Japanese companies have lived by having an inspired visionary lead designer. It’s almost like they canada goose outlet sale treat it as a director canadian goose Canada Goose Outlet jacket type position. and it’s awesome. anyways I am counting down the days until froms next release. Because I have a souls itch that struggles to canada goose factory outlet get itched. Nioh was pretty cool. I enjoyed it. not dark souls though. Liberal use of dark souls mechanics, but cheap canada goose uk simultaneously very little feel of an actual dark souls game. Fun, but not the full scratch for that itch. I’m contemplating getting the surge. canada goose outlet shop Lords of the fallen was terrible in ways but still had some canada goose outlet canada goose black friday sale nyc slight charm. I played it all the way through. it was ok. but atrocious compared to dark souls. canada goose outlet in usa https://www.canadagooseparkasoutlet.ca I hear salt and sanctuary is a 2d platformer souls game. goose outlet canada Got pretty damn good reviews. It literally looks like metroidvania with dark souls. That’s pretty cool. Why canada goose outlet store am I rambling like this? Because I’m waiting cheap Canada Goose for the canada goose outlet toronto factory damn woman to bring me batteries for the canada goose TV remote. I canada goose uk black friday could get them canada goose outlet online myself but that’s like 3 canada goose jacket outlet whole rooms away and I’m lying down so that just Canada Goose sale doesn’t seem like a viable solution. Plus it’s just more fun yelling at the woman and trying to confuse her because she’s a grown woman who has trouble discerning AAA batteries from AA batteries. But yeah. dark souls is without question my favorite game series of all time. It’s unique challenge, mechanics, mystery, art design, combat, and cohesive and connected world. all add up to very hard to match gaming highs.

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