Mikulis of western Howard County


Their prematurely aging faces betrayed stories we thought would have scandalized the most notorious of townspeople. How many of my dimes missed their targets, how many enormous stuffed animals I never brought home!. And Diane B. Mikulis of western Howard County, recently participated in the Naval Academy’s weeklong summer seminar program in Annapolis, where he was introduced to academy life through a regimen of academics, physical training, intramural sports, sailing and seamanship, as well as leadership training and social activities.

“I enjoy working with the kids and seeing them get on TV,” he said. “We did something special with this year’s Eisteddfod. More than 80 of America’s largest 100 publicly traded companies make use of tax havens, which all told cost American taxpayers $100 billion a year in lost revenue. Some of these offshore subsidiaries are nothing more than PO boxes.

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It didn’t take long for people to jump to the conclusion that the Krasnopoler family had benefited from a windfall that would let them move to Easy Street at the expense of their dead relative. Many people, it seems, have bought into the notion that all tort claims are scams perpetrated by greedy shysters a proposition that’s easy to accept if one has never been the victim of another’s negligence..

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