Puberty Superpower Riddle Me This: Scott Wallace challenges


I have been watching every documentary I can. You can see there telling the truth the facts don’t lie. I just don’t know why we think we are so powerless and fearful. Functional Magic: Combines Inherent Gift with a twist on Theurgy and Force Magic. “Zoos” get their powers from their Animals which are a form of familiar. The twist is that they didn’t make any conscious deal to get their Animals, they were bestowed on the zoos for committing violent crimes by a mysterious force called the Undertow.

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Unreliable Illustrator: In the illustrated version of the book, when the bulldog is strangling White Fang with a neck bite, the accompanying illustrations show the bulldog burying his jaws in White Fang’s neck, then standing a foot away, then standing a few yards away, then back to gnawing on the protagonist’s throat. All the while the accompanying text has White Fang constantly in the Bulldog’s jaws with Scott and Matt barely struggling to get the dog’s mouth open. Also, while a lot of blood and gore is described in text, none of it is shown.

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Bittersweet Ending: Max leaves the Wild Things, with the implication that he will never see them again, but he’s happily reunited with his mother, with the implication that he understands her a little better and things might become more peaceful between them as a result. Blatant Lies: Max’s claims of being a king. Unsurprisingly it turns out that pretty much all of the monsters had him figured out from the get go.

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