Rogues Gallery Transplant: In Marvel NOW! (2016)


Carter is told to get rid of the files of the case, but John doesn’t tell him what he plans to do or where he’s heading. John explains to Rachel why he can’t see a doctor due to his gunshot wound, which in turn makes it much easier for her to explain it to her father and the elders of their community. Viewers Are Morons: The card reading “Pennsylvania, 1984” was added on executive demand in the opening scene, ruining an otherwise neat setup implying for a while that the film is set in an unspecified past.

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Karl Malus. Rogues Gallery Transplant: In Marvel NOW! (2016), she fights the Hobgoblin, one of Peter Parker’s old rogues. She’s Got Legs: Jessica (especially in her original red and yellow costume) is not only has an attractive body, but she also has very attractive legs.

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