The game began with an extended


The game began with an extended at bat by Carlos Gomez, who eventually singled on the tenth pitch of his at bat. Elvis Andrus also singled on a ball that Jed Lowrie couldn get corralled in time for the out. With two runners on, Nomar Mazara continued his torrid 2017 and doubled down the left field line to give Texas a 1 0 lead..

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Cheap Jerseys china Will the Vols and Dogs handle their business? OK, UT and UGA has fashioned similar resumes: Each has a pretty impressive showing against a recognized ACC foe at a neutral site that was not entirely neutral; each also has a sleep walking performance against a smaller program that very well could have been a disastrous loss in each case. Yes, App State is better than most people realized including the UT players and Nicholls State took advantage of a Georgia team that was simply not ready to play. As the calendar hits the midway point of September, UGA has an SEC road game it has to expect to win at Missouri Cheap Jerseys china.

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