Those are four guys who will probably go between picks five


Superior Court hearing in January, Hessler told Mott that Sanford would fight the consumer protection piece of the lawsuit “tooth and nail.” Racine’s office is testing new legal ground in the case by applying consumer laws to landlord tenant issues.Nowell, who lives in a $2.9 million home in Bethesda, created Sanford Capital with his business partner Patrick Strauss more than a decade ago. Racine’s office says Nowell told District lawyers that Strauss was no longer with the company, though property records show he signed multiple Sanford mortgages.The majority of Sanford’s buildings are filled with low income tenants, hundreds of whom receive government rental subsidies paid to Sanford. Based on housing voucher and homeless services numbers the District provided to City Paper, SanfordCapital is estimated to receive at least $3.7 million a year in federal and local subsidies.

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