Trashcan Bonfire: several of these are scattered throughout


When Vince revealed himself as the “Higher Power”, Shamrock was less than pleased, declaring, “You USED me. NOW I’M GONNA ABUSE YOU!” Big Bad: Vince McMahon Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Being a 90’s heel stable this goes without saying. Corrupt Corporate Executive: Vince, of course, but Shane was weaving toward it. Break the Haughty: It takes Fugui losing all his family’s funds and plunging them into poverty to make him stop being such a gigantic selfish Jerk Ass. Brick Joke: When Jiazhen tearfully leaves, she tells Fugui that their unborn child is going to be named “don’t gamble.” When she returns, he’s relieved she didn’t actually do it. Much later (roughly 90 minutes of film time) when the two wonder what Fengxia’s child will be named, Fugui offers “don’t gamble” and it’s actually funny.

Replica Stella McCartney Handbags He was a pleasant man and he liked friends and sometimes even total strangers. But deep within his heart, he despised where he lived and where he worked. He did not like where he worked because he believed that he was working for an oil company that was unfair and the refinery was unfair because it was not an Iranian run refinery. The shirt is still covering the woodchuck at the end of the movie, indicating that Sam found it more disturbing than the vampires he just had to fight. Trashcan Bonfire: several of these are scattered throughout the Hell Hotel. Town with a Dark Secret: Santa Carla: Blue skies, lovely beaches, theme park on a board walk, active night life, great music culture, and swarming with murderous vampires. Dutch Angle: Used practically while filming to simulate the tilt of the ship’s deck as it sinks. The Edwardian Era: The 1912 scenes. Empathy Doll Shot: One of the Mirs spots a doll’s head in the debris field. Replica Stella McCartney Handbags

Replica Handbags Discord, when he saw Vaati’s transformation right before he got his ass kicked. The Changelings once Vaati’s monsters appeared. And finally King Sombra, when he realizes his power’s been nullified by the Crystal Heart’s magic, leaving him powerless to stop the Crystal Ponies from powering it up and blasting him to smithereens, just like in canon. Shout Out: When Serge of The Paranoids loses his 16 year old girlfriend to a middle aged man, he writes a song that namechecks Humbert Humbert. As you would expect from a Pynchon novel, there are dozens of others. He then contemplates hanging around playgrounds to pick up a 8 year old girlfriend, since his own was stolen by a man twice her age. Adaptation Dye Job: Boromir in Fellowship of the Ring is described as having dark hair. The director probably felt that this would look confusing on film. Faramir’s hair is not as dark, either Replica Handbags.

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