We never force anything


We never force anything. My dad always asks me, «So what is this record going to be about? What are you writing about this time?» And I’m like, «Well, I don’t know. We’ll see where it goes.». He also commissioned an executive recruiting company to serve as Tyco human resources department. Had a cadre around me of very senior, respected talent that had been through many wars in their lives. What I liked about it was nobody got rattled..

Hyundai has entered the hybrid market with its new Ioniq, but does it have what it takes to topple Toyota’s Prius? Hyundai’s rise from bit part player to genuine contender in the global car market has changed perceptions of the firm in next to no time. The brand has broadened its offering with everything from affordable small cars to upmarket SUVs, and now it’s beginning its assault on the eco car sector with its all new Ioniq.This is the first hybrid Hyundai to land in UK showrooms, and will be sold alongside plug in hybrid and all electric models. However, this standard hybrid version of the Ioniq conforms to a familiar recipe, with a conventional 1.6 litre petrol engine linked to an electric motor to deliver impressive claimed fuel efficiency at an affordable price.

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