who was skating down the right wing


Cable, who was skating down the right wing, was able to beat York Lions goalie Mack Shields with what appeared to be a harmless shot.”It just trickled over the line. I’ll take what I get,” said Cable, a Hudson Bay native in his second season with the Dogs after scoring 28 goals during his final Western Hockey League season with the Kootenay Ice.”The way both goalies were playing there, it looked like it was going to be a while before anybody scored but, luckily, just one that trickled across the line ended it early and we didn’t have to go those three or four overtimes.”Shields had a stellar game otherwise. The only other time the puck got behind him was on a deflection by U of S captain Kendall McFaull, who tipped a Jesse Forsberg shot during the power play, but the puck skidded off the post and out.Shields who previously played with the Saskatoon midget AAA Contacts and the WHL’s Calgary Hitmen and Medicine Hat Tigers made 31 saves for York.

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