Why can they blow their nosed correctly? Why do they get the


And I know that we have that here. The record doesn’t do us any justice in terms of, that’s who you are in this league. So, but we’ve got to keep pushing on. SF Chinatown is the ultimate example. Remember when Sam Wo closed and all the horror stories came out? Well it not just Sam Wo it all Chinatown, and to pass the unpassable (for them) health inspections they paid off the inspectors and it was a huge scandal when it was finally busted and had been going on for years! How do we teach those Chinese? Do they even care to learn? They rich and educated, they buying up all the foreclosures and parking their Lexus on the sidewalk. Why can they blow their nosed correctly? Why do they get the snot everywhere but into a tissue? Why don they buy tissue?? LOL, it funny it true..

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